Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hello 27!

Oh I turn 27 today and I am feeling all sorts of emotions - happy, anxiety, and relief. Happy because I am excited to start a brand new chapter - chapter 27 and I am a tad bit anxious because I hate the feeling of the unknown and after chapter 26, I am unsure what to expect in chapter 27. At the same time I am feeling relieved because chapter 26 was a whirlwind. After chapter 26 I figured it was best for me to share with you the things I learned in year 26 and will make sure to bring with me into year 27.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

Dear 2017, 

You were definitely a difficult year. You might definitely be in the running for one of the worst years. This year I was tested - emotionally, mentally, and physically. You were filled with a lot of rocky moments - losing myself, my confidence, and my spark. You made me question everything; I had friendships end, I gave up on several things, and I dealt with a lot of mean people. You kicked me when I was down. Oh and anxiety - anxiety definitely got the best of me. I'll write more about my struggle with anxiety and what I do about it, later on.

2017, you weren't 100% bad though; because of the events that occurred during your 365 I had friendships begin, I had strangers believe me and motivate me. I found my spark again. I learned how to pick myself up. I learned that sometimes strangers have the best intentions. I learned that sometimes people you think are close to you, actually don't have the best intentions. I learned that as long as I believe in myself and love myself nothing can stand in my way. I learned how to pick myself back up. I learned what makes me happy. I will go into further detail about the things I've learned from 2017 and how I am taking that into 2018 to achieve my resolutions.

2017, although you were quite difficult, I will look at the positive, glass half full, and thank you for making me a better version of myself. Thank you 2017 for helping me learn and become into a stronger version of myself. Thank you 2017 for being an eye-opener. Although I am grateful to have learned from 2017, I am so ready to close the book of 2017 and start a new book, with 365 fresh empty pages.

The girl who hopes to never repeat any of these events again

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

 I hope you all have a merry and bright day filled with lots of love and laughter and surrounded by the ones that you love. Merry Christmas! Thank you for following along. This week I will be sharing the highlights of my 2017 but today I am taking the day to spend it with my family and wearing my Christmas pajamas all day long.

Happy Holidays and thank you for following along!


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